Wisconsin Man Sentenced to 25 Years for Robbing a Gas Station in Rankin County

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney John K. Bramlett, Jr., announced today that 51-year-old Dion Lamont Summers, of Wisconsin, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the armed robbery of a gas station in Rankin County.  Five years of his sentence have been suspended.

On November 13, 2017, the Richland Police Department was dispatched after a customer witnessed the armed robbery of a gas station.  He provided dispatch with a description of the assailant, the clothes he was wearing and a description of the vehicle he was driving.

In route to the gas station, officers observed the vehicle that was described and turned on their lights and sirens for Summers to pullover. However, he accelerated to speeds close to 100 miles per hour and a chase ensued.  Other Rankin County law enforcement officials were notified as Summers was crossing into other towns and cities.  Summers lost control of the vehicle which then struck a curb, a red light pole, then another curb and a street light pole before coming to a rest in a ditch.

Officers approached the vehicle, with their service weapons in hand, and ordered Summers to exit the vehicle.  Summers declined to do so forcing officers to assist him out of the car.  While exiting the car Summers began fighting with law enforcement.  He bit one officer on his hand and attempted to bite others before officers were able to safely handcuff him.

Summers admitted to the robbery, the gun used during the robbery was found in the car he was driving and the clothes he was wearing matched the description the witness provided.  Officers also found money in the car.

District Attorney John K. Bramlett, Jr. stated, “Summers is a very dangerous criminal who ran from law enforcement officers at high speeds, injured one of our officers and robbed a gas station clerk at gunpoint.  He deserves every minute of his sentence in prison.”

Bramlett added, “Summers’ arrest is an outstanding example of how law enforcement place themselves in harm’s way daily to protect and serve.  The Richland Police Department did an exceptional job and their efforts do not go unnoticed by this office.  We are thankful for their commitment to our citizens.”


Name:              Dion Lamont Summers                                                                       

Date of Birth:   5/13/1968