Jackson Man Sentenced to 25 Years for Shooting Two In a Ridgeland Parking Lot

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney John K. Bramlett, Jr., announced today that Sam Kenta Johnson, of Jackson, was sentenced to serve 25 years in prison for two counts of aggravated assault after shooting two people in a Ridgeland parking lot.  Upon his release, he will be required to be under supervised probation for five years.

On October 26, 2017, the Ridgeland Police Department was contacted regarding a shooting that occurred in a parking lot on Highland Colony Parkway.  Upon arriving, officers found a man in a car who had been shot in the chest and started rescue efforts.  The victim identified the shooter as Sam Kenta Johnson.  A second victim was also shot and was able to get to safety within a building. 

During their investigation, law enforcement officials began interviewing witnesses and ultimately both victims.  One of the victims stated that she received several text messages from Johnson while she was at work offering to pick her up after her shift was over.  She declined, but he showed up against her wishes.

Johnson went to her car in the parking lot to find a man waiting on the female victim.  They argued over their relationship with the female victim.  Johnson shot the male victim inside the car.  The female victim heard the gunshots and exited the building and was also shot by Johnson.

Both victims were rushed to The University Mississippi Medical Center where they underwent surgery due to their gunshot wounds.  Both of the victims survived and were able to provide law enforcement officials with comprehensive details of their respective shootings.

The female victim was able to provide law enforcement with Johnson’s car tag number which was broadcasted to law enforcement throughout the state.  Johnson was pulled over in Grenada County and arrested.  He was returned to the Ridgeland Police Department for questioning. 

During his interview with the Ridgeland Police Department, Johnson gave several conflicting stories about the shootings.

It was later determined that Johnson was the female victim’s former boyfriend and that he purchased the gun, matching projectiles found at the scene, three days prior to shooting the victims.  The gun was found inside of the car when Johnson was arrested in Grenada.

District Attorney John K. Bramlett, Jr. stated, “This was a very a serious situation which was handled with a tremendous amount of skill by law enforcement, from securing the crime scene, to questioning multiple witnesses, receiving statements from the victims, to working with other law enforcement throughout Mississippi, and ultimately bringing this gunman to justice.”

Bramlett added, “No shooting goes without notice in Madison and Rankin Counties.  Johnson shot the two victims out of jealously and because of his pre-meditated actions, he will spend most of the rest of his life in prison.”


Name: Sam Kenta Johnson                                                                

Date of Birth: November 30, 1977