Madison County Man Sentenced to 30 Years for Gratification of Lust

Madison and Rankin Counties’ District Attorney John K. Bramlett, Jr., announced today that Tracy Cornelius Ellis was sentenced this week to 30 years in prison after being found guilty by a Madison County jury in February for Gratification of Lust. 

Ellis will be required to serve his 30-year sentence day-for-day.  In addition to his sentence, Ellis will be required to register with the Mississippi Sexual Offender Registry.

On January 27, 2018, the parent of the youngest girl went to the Ridgeland Police Department because an argument between she and Ellis revealed that he was having the sisters perform sexual acts on him when they reached the age of ten. 

On multiple occasions, Ellis would have the young girls touch him inappropriately in his bedroom and the family living room.  The girls were scared to tell authorities or a parent because Ellis had threatened them on numerous occasions and they were afraid of him.

District Attorney Bramlett stated, “This sentence should serve as a reminder that violating a child will not be tolerated in Madison County.  Ellis stole the innocence from two little girls and his sentence clearly reflects the consequences for his unlawful and sick actions”

District Attorney Bramlett concluded, “I hope the family and the victims can find some peace in knowing that Ellis will spend the next thirty years in jail and will not be able to hurt another child.” 


Name:              Tracy Cornelius Ellis                                      

Date of Birth:   August 19, 1981